Superstar Volunteers Nourish Families Impacted by Childhood Cancer

Ally Soriano
November 1, 2022

MeaningfulWork is excited to share its very first story for Just Good News, a new initiative that highlights real stories on the social impact in our communities from our nonprofit partners every week. We all can get quite overwhelmed and discouraged by negative things in the world, which is why MeaningfulWork wants to uplift and bring joy into our communities with Just Good News, and hopefully inspire folks to pay it forward in ways they can!

West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation

West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation (WCK) is an amazing nonprofit based in Burnaby, British Columbia that delivers practical support to families impacted by childhood cancer and blood disorders through provisions of many important resources like food and mental health support. WCK operates through five free-of-cost programs, which have been developed through meaningful consultation with impacted families across British Columbia and the pediatric oncology and hematology community. Their mission is simple: “Small Things. Big Impact. Every Day.” Read more about their story here!

WCK Food Programs and Superstar Food Packing Volunteers

Some of the free-of-cost programs offered by WCK are their growing food programs. For families with a postal code in BC, frozen food deliveries right to your home can be made through WCK’s Nourish at Home program. On top of this, we are ecstatic to hear that WCK has gone from delivering 30-50 healthy and convenient meals a week to the BC Children’s Hospital to an amazing 180 meals a week!

This would not be made possible without the help of WCK’s superstar food-packing volunteers. Recently, WCK highlighted its food-packing volunteers in a behind-the-scenes blog post on why they do the work they do and a look into the process.

"“The love, care, and attention that they give towards each family’s parcel really reflects what WCK is all about.”

WCK’s Nourish at Home Volunteers Jocelyn and Gail.

This pleasant read shows how much love, time, and talent from the volunteer team at WCK goes into packing and delivering meals to families impacted by childhood cancer, as well as how rewarding this work can be. A family that received a delivery from WCK’s Nourish at Home Program recently reached out to WCK to express their gratitude, proving that small things really do make a big impact every day.

"“We received your Nourish delivery and we have no words to express our gratitude. The love and support felt is beyond explanation. We can't seem to find solid ground. Our challenges are so great that these offerings of practical support in the way of meals and snacks gives us space to focus on our child's care and processing this all. It's far more than just a box of food; we are touched and grateful."

Volunteers are the heartbeat of nonprofit organizations like WCK. They are true changemakers in our communities, so it’s important to shine a light on them and the important work they do whenever we can!

Show Some Love

We hope this tiny bit of Just Good News inspires the MeaningfulWork community to show some love and pay it forward!


Currently, WCK is looking to continue the growth of their high-demand food programs and their other programs through fundraising efforts. Learn how to fundraise for WCK here! All funds raised are made directly to families across BC impacted by childhood cancer and blood disorders.

Join the WCK Family!

Another way to show some love is by volunteering with WCK! There are a number of open positions under their food programs, different events, and more.

Make a Donation

Make a donation to WCK, which will go to:

  • Food support for families in the hospital and at home
  • Connection programs for kids and teens
  • Mental health support for caregivers

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