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Example of a volunteer impact story on Meaningful Work platform.

The team behind MeaningfulWork is a big part of why this platform is so fantastic. Their passion and drive to truly help their customers succeed and volunteer with the organizations on the platform are amazing.

Sally Noble
Culture and Communication Specialist, Groundswell Cloud Solutions

A volunteering showing off his work.

"Volunteering with Orbis Canada through MeaningfulWork is the most impactful thing I've done all summer!"

Nicholas Ning
Digital Marketing Director

Photo of children at a graduation ceremony for a cooking program.

"Working with a corporate team was amazing! They helped us create a framework to measure the results of our non-profit educational programs."

Yarani Sandoval
Co-Founder & CEO, Women Palante

"We've recruited 2 board members through the platform! Partnering with MeaningfulWork was an amazing reminder about how “meaningful” our work truly is."

Rochelle Prasad
Founder, SPARK Foundation

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