Breast Cancer Canada: Saving Lives with Precision

Ally Soriano
November 22, 2022

The Quest to Beat Breast Cancer in Our Lifetime

Breast cancer steals lives. It affects 28,000 Canadians every year and claims the lives of 1 in 30 women. 

But, it’s not just one disease - there are more than 50 types of breast cancer. Each one poses different challenges, which makes finding the right treatment difficult. Because there is no “one size fits all” solution to this alarming issue, it is clear that precision medicine - treatment that meets the unique needs of each and every person - is the way forward. But how do we get there?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month occurred recently throughout October as an annual campaign to spread national awareness around breast cancer and celebrate the remarkable progress being made. Although this time of the year has passed, it is important to continue having conversations about breast cancer and support those it affects all year-round. So for today’s #JustGoodNews, join MeaningfulWork in celebrating Breast Cancer Canada’s outstanding commitment to beating breast cancer. For ways to show some love and take on a meaningful role in the fight against breast cancer, tune in to the end of this story!

Breast Cancer Canada

Breast Cancer Canada (BCC), formerly known as Breast Cancer Society of Canada, is a national organization that funds breast cancer research to accelerate Canada’s shift from standardized treatment to personalized medicine, also known as Precision Oncology research. BCC’s Precision Genomics Research Pillars - Basic Science, Screening and Detection, Treatment, and Patient Reported Outcomes - orient its national strategy to create a breast cancer-free Canada. 

The Impact of Donations

Last year, BCC funded an outstanding $4,000,000 towards innovative research projects, with $350,000 recently granted towards Precision Oncology Research. These donations fund researchers like Dr. Mosumi Majumder, a Brandon University scientist currently developing a blood test that could lead to early diagnosis in support of the screening and detection pillar. Dr. Majumder received $75,000 research grant from BCC, which will go towards scholarships and acquiring tissue samples from breast cancer patients.

It will take more (and more and more) research, but this progress is already making a difference in the lives of patients.

Dr. Mousumi Majumder, courtesy of The Brandon Sun.

Show Some Love

Celebrate today’s  #JustGoodNews story by showing some love to survivors & patients of breast cancer, and the amazing researchers that work hard every day to make remarkable progress towards beating breast cancer.

Volunteer through Regional Hubs

Different communities face different challenges and have different needs. Thus, action at the local level is important in order to reach a breast cancer-free reality from coast to coast. BCC addresses this through its Regional Hubs - a vital part of BCC’s national strategy.

These are made up of volunteers who design portfolios for their respective communities while simultaneously supporting national research efforts. It is clear that volunteers are essential to BCC - so make a difference in your community now by joining a Regional Hub! Contact BCC’s  Community Engagement Officer, Susan Penny at to volunteer with a Regional Hub. 

Donate to BCC

Donating to BCC means supporting life-saving research. Click here to donate now and play an important part in ending breast cancer across Canada!

Learn about the many other ways to get involved with BCC here.

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