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Building the most impactful community for giving

Our People

Raaj Chatterjee

CEO & Co-founder

Passionate about solving complex social & environmental problems, award-winning entrepreneur and scientist, musician and math nerd.

James Young

CTO and Co-Founder

Award winning hacker. Passionate about creating, new tech, and part time bubble tea consultant.

Leejoo Hwang

COO and Co-Founder

Weekend project enthusiast and active community volunteer. Solving problems through a community based approach to entrepreneurship. Thriving to give!

Tiffany Tang

Self proclaimed korean bbq connoisseur. Mystery & true crime addict. Designing & developing appealing web solutions that provide information to the world. Lover of ultimate frisbee!

Basil Al-Isa


Basil is fascinated by technology and is looking forward to making an impact with his skills. Apart from coding and computers, Basil also loves to volunteer, play football, and hang out with friends.

Lisa Zhu

Manager, Strategy, Impact & Operations

Enjoys a good book. Wants to make a positive impact in the work I do. Always up for eating sushi!

Lloydel Reid

Full stack web developer

Passionate about exploring new and developing technologies. Love solving problems and taking on challenges. Casual gamer.

Othman Othman

Full stack web developer

Salsa and Bachata expert. Love coding and cooking, biking and chess with equal passion. Trying to be the change I wish to see in the world.

Abby Pelaez

Product Management

Aspiring novelist. Has lived many lives as a traveller, election campaigner, banker, and now coder. She can make a mean New York cheesecake.

Neil Chowdhury

Accounting and Bookkeeping Specialist

Ally Soriano

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Cat-obsessed 20-something year-old yearner who prefers a sunrise over a sunset. Excellent charcuterie board assembler with an affinity for tapered candles.

Our Values

Colleagues celebrating.

We celebrate failure, success, and everything in between.

Work colleagues volunteering.
Bias to Action

Just do it! We're ambitious, inspired by others, and intentional with our practices.

cofounders of meaningfulwork at a conference
Open-minded Dialogue

We're not afraid to challenge ideas to seek excellence by making our voices heard.

a team of people volunteering
Be a Generous Giver

We open our hearts to the needs of each other and our community.

Ready to make an impact?

We're always on the look out for folks who are value-aligned and what to give back!

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