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How does it work?

We make it easy for you to recruit the help you need.

Step 1: Create your profile

Inspire potential volunteers by sharing your mission and areas of impact.

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Step 2: Post an opportunity

Start from scratch or use our opportunity templates to save some time! Templates are a great place to start and can be tailored to your needs.

Create an opportunity page where they can create postings from scratch or from existing templates.
Step 3: Find the perfect volunteer

Screen and chat with verified applicants over a short feasibility call.

Volunteer management page where a nonprofit can interact with ideal volunteer applicants.
Step 4: Track hours & progress

Once the opportunity has started, track your volunteers hours and progress on the app.

Volunteer progress tracker where the nonprofit can manage the hours logged by the volunteer.
Step 5: Share your impact and repeat!

Create an impact story for your volunteer that you can both share to boost your non-profits reach.

Example of team impact stories created by a nonprofit.

Platform Features

We learned so many valuable lessons and skills - and are excited to apply MeaningfulWork's Impact Mapping methology to our work.

Yoonji Choi
Co-Founder - Cultivate Inclusivity

MeaningfulWork's Impact Story Building workshop helped build a cohesive story behind our EV battery upcycling company for our biggest successful investor pitch competition yet!

Eddy Chiang
CEO - Moment Energy

MeaningfulWork's Impact Mapping workshop is an innovative way to clearly connect the dots between what we do. We're excited to use the Theory of Change framework with our board to map out our organization's strategy.

Rochelle Prasad
Founder - SPARK Foundation

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