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We started as a small project at the beginning of the pandemic to support nonprofits who’d closed their front doors to transition to virtual. We connected them to friends and volunteers who were transitioning jobs or looking to give back during a time of uncertainty. With an excel sheet and a contact list, we supported matching hundreds of volunteers to nonprofits who were looking for an extra hand.

MeaningfulWork sprouted in Vancouver, Canada as we discovered the barriers of giving back and quickly realizing how outdated existing platforms were. As the pandemic brought light to inequality and climate change, we’ve supported movements across North America such as Black Lives Matter, Stop Asian Hate, the Climate Movement and more.

Today, MeaningfulWork is a platform for you to find opportunities to give back, while for nonprofits, it’s a great way to quickly connect with new volunteers and givers. A core of our business is supporting companies building effective employee volunteer programs through our features such as employee engagement, impact metrics, and team volunteering.

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Giving is important. It’s core to what makes us human and it’s an act towards what gives us purpose. By supporting you and companies to better give, we build a culture of giving that enables people to give to cause areas that matter most, and ultimately back to you as we build a stronger society and environment.

By working with companies we believe employee volunteerism is the first step towards thinking and acting to build a company with a strong social purpose. We help companies build team culture, engage and upskill teams, boost morale, and celebrate success through fun, curated, and impactful team volunteering experiences. We are experts at helping you implement ways to turn EDI into action in a way that is not performative or tokenistic.

Motivating your entire organization to build an engaged team culture can be difficult, so MeaningfulWork plays a vital role in asking your team, “What matters to us?”, then enabling the action towards supporting what you care most deeply about.

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MeaningfulWork is building the most impactful global community of individuals, companies, and nonprofits for giving.

We build purposeful connections through our cloud solutions empowering individuals, organizations and their people to take action on issues they care about.

We help companies build vibrant, giving cultures and engage their employees and customers to create greater sustainability and business impact.

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