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Our Story

We were born in a time of fear and uncertainty about our future. The intersecting crises of the pandemic, inequality, and climate change brought to light the weaknesses in our systems. MeaningfulWork started in Vancouver, Canada to connect local professionals with nonprofits needing skilled support, serving an important bridge during a new reality.

But it didn't stop there. From our initial success, we grew and joined movements like #StopAsianHate to support nonprofits across North America. We started working with companies to build effective employee volunteer programs, and growing a powerful community.

At MeaningfulWork, we believe in the power of individuals and organizations to realize their purpose. Purpose drives innovative organizations to solve the most wicked problems of today and tomorrow. It enables organizations across sectors to collaborate, and build sustainable impact, and a better world. Together.

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About Us

MeaningfulWork is building the most impactful global community of individuals, companies, and nonprofits for giving.

We build purposeful connections through our cloud solutions empowering individuals, organizations and their people to take action on issues they care about.

We help companies build vibrant, giving cultures and engage their employees and customers to create greater sustainability and business impact.

Awards and Memberships

Get To Know The Team

Raaj Chatterjee

CEO & Co-founder

Passionate about solving complex social & environmental problems, award-winning entrepreneur and scientist, musician and math nerd.

Leejoo Hwang

COO and Co-Founder

Weekend project enthusiast and active community volunteer. Solving problems through a community based approach to entrepreneurship. Thriving to give!

James Young

CTO and Co-Founder

Award winning hacker. Passionate about creating, new tech, and part time bubble tea consultant.

Amy Salvador

UX/ui designer

Foodie, baker, and sewing enthusiast. Organization expert always working on our design system for peak efficiency. Creating experiences that people remember.

Katie Park

UX/UI designer

A Ping-pong champ in the making and an aspiring cook. Loves camping, stand-up comedy and creating digital art. Always down to watch Adventure Time!

Rebecca Szeto

UX/UI designer

A drummer, fencer, and lifelong volunteering leader. Passionate about empowering children and youth through education and design.

Aadhilah Nizamdeen

Full stack web developer

Amateur home chef with dreams of running a restaurant. Embracing technology to create new ways of reaching people, even if it means I work for a robot one day.

Othman Othman

Full stack web developer

Salsa and Bachata expert. Love coding and cooking, biking and chess with equal passion. Trying to be the change I wish to see in the world.

Lloydel Reid

Full stack web developer

Passionate about exploring new and developing technologies. Love solving problems and taking on challenges. Casual gamer.

Tiffany Tang

Self proclaimed korean bbq connoisseur. Mystery & true crime addict. Designing & developing appealing web solutions that provide information to the world. Lover of ultimate frisbee!

Onita Nargis

HR Coordinator

Sci-fi geek and amateur novelist with a passion for poverty alleviation. Aspiring psychologist with a dream of creating an inclusive workspace where people from all walks of life can thrive.

Matt He

Web Development Intern

Adventure loving developer and software teacher. Builds all sorts of integration bots and tests for MeaningfulWork.

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