Welcome to MeaningfulWork

Leejoo Hwang
May 13, 2020

Who We Are

MeaningfulWork is an early stage social venture founded by SFU students and based out of the SFU Venture Connections Incubator. Our mission is to connect the world’s top talent with the most impactful nonprofits to accelerate positive social impact. Our platform matches a volunteer’s skills, passions, and availability with a perfect volunteer opportunity.

MeaningfulWork Beta

Over the last few weeks we have had the opportunity to interview dozens of nonprofits across the Lower Mainland. We have recognized key needs in the areas of marketing, human resources, fund development, and IT consulting. Nonprofits are in need of these high-skill services, especially due to the challenges brought on by COVID-19. Our beta will match skilled volunteers with these local nonprofits to provide flexible, short-term consulting and project support. We are looking to recruit volunteers from the community, as well as from local businesses with a social responsibility mandate.

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